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Self-publishing your sheet music with ZMX

Although the music industry has transformed totally and is increasingly independent, the print music industry has changed very little. The major publishers only consider Billboard Top 40 artists, and 98% of artists don't see an income stream from their print publishing rights. Sheet music is a forgotten income stream that the majority of artists can't easily pursue.

ZMX Music is turning all of that upside down, destroying the barriers of entry to the print publishing world and making the self-publishing of sheet music an accessible reality. We developed the online store and delivery system you see here for our own signed ZMX artists, and we are now beginning to help artists like yourself use the same tools to self-publish your work.

The details:

  • You set your own prices
  • Cost is only $40/year and 10% of each sale
  • Stores can be added to websites, Facebook, and Myspace
  • ZMX handles payment processing and delivery
  • Sheet music is watermarked with customer information to discourage illegal copying
  • Sales reporting is transparent and can be checked in real time
  • ZMX has no rights or responsibilities, you retain all control and ownership
How to begin:
  • Subscribe by making a payment via PayPal. (no PayPal account required)
  • Submit your scores, prices, and any MP3 audio for previews to
  • Score files can be Sibelius, Finale, or PDFs.
  • I will return instructions for implementing the web stores.
  • Start promoting your sheet music.

It's really that simple. If you can make sheet music then you can make money from it too. Just a few sales will pay for your ZMX store, and you will be a sheet music publisher with an online presence.

I'm very excited about this opportunity to help artists promote their work and reach their fans in new ways, and I would love to speak with you personally about it. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss it more.

Jezza Borum

Frequently asked questions:

When and how am I paid?

How does the money flow?

Does ZMX own or control the sheet music in any way?

How many songs and arrangements can I have in the store?

Is there a page count limit?

How do you prevent piracy and file sharing?

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