There is an enormous gap between a good education in music and a self-sufficient career in music. The Guerrilla Film Scoring book, documentary, and articles are Jeremy Borum’s way of filling that gap for younger composers.

As the movie and music industries have changed, film scoring has become an overwhelmingly independent process. Film composers have more responsibilities than ever before, and they must fulfill them with smaller budgets and shorter schedules. As a result, composers are increasingly becoming armies of one.

In Guerrilla Film Scoring: Practical Advice from Hollywood Composers, Jeremy Borum provides valuable guidance on how to make a good film score both quickly and inexpensively. This handbook encompasses the entire film scoring process including education, preparation, writing and recording a score, editing, mixing and mastering, finding work, career development, and sample contracts. Offering strategic tools and techniques, this insider’s guide draws on the expertise from a number of prominent composers in movies, television, and video gaming, including Stewart Copeland, Bruce Broughton, and Jack Wall.

A straightforward do-it-yourself manual, this book will help composers at all levels create the best-sounding scores quickly and cost effectively—without jeopardizing their art. With access to rare and extremely useful input from the best in the business, Guerrilla Film Scoring will benefit not only students but also professionals looking to update their game.

Guerrilla Film Scoring is also a 90-minute Amazon documentary for university film scoring professors or for those who would rather watch videos. It’s divided into 10-minute topical segments to facilitate classroom discussions and non-linear viewing, and it’s free to Amazon Prime members.

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