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Jeremy Borum is a film composer, orchestrator, and music engraver. Among the first wave of working composers to see the digital de-monetization of music as a piece of history, not an ongoing process, he built a successful music career in an uncertain industry that is re-inventing itself. An active member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists, he is a contributing author to their quarterly journal The Score. He has worked globally with many major orchestras and studios, recording or performing in about 30 countries to crowds as large as 80,000. A do-it-yourself guy to the core, he has also designed and built two of his recording studios and builds some of his own custom studio gear.

Jeremy was a founding member and co-owner of the digital sheet music publisher ZMX Music. Prior to his time with ZMX he prepared music engravings for many of the largest print music publishers including HenleHal Leonard, Edition Peters, Alfred, G. Schirmer, Boosey & HawkesEMIMorning Star, and others. Thousands of his music engravings are available both digitally and in print worldwide.

Public Appearances

Jeremy appears frequently as an industry guest at universities, conventions, and master classes. He first began teaching music in 2002 in the public school district of Davis, CA, where he had on average about 160 students. For several years he taught a bi-annual intensive immersive film scoring course at Citrus College in Glendora, CA.

Any artist who wants a meaningful career must have a sustainable balance between art and business.Jeremy Borum
As an educator Jeremy’s mission is to bring practicality, an awareness of business, and an entrepreneurial mindset into music education. He wrote the book Guerrilla Film Scoring to address those obvious holes in the available literature and university curricula.

True artistic freedom can only be achieved when a keen sense of business allows an artist to support themselves ONLY with their art. Without an entrepreneurial perspective musicians are destined to be hobbyists or starving artists. Without artistry a clever business person can only create uninspiring music. When the two are balanced, the possibilities are limitless.

Short bio

Jeremy Borum is a film composer first, but he is also a producer, performer, and orchestrator. His film credits include The Need For Speed, Smurfs 2, American Gangster, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and Disney’s Enchanted. He has contributed to 35 albums as a performer, producer, or music copyist and has collaborated with artists like Alan Menken, Stewart Copeland, Pete Townshend, Bill Brown, and Tyler Bates. He has worked globally with major orchestras like the Dallas Symphony and Chicago Symphony in the USA, Prague Philharmonic in Czech Republic, Canberra Symphony in Australia, Hollywood studio orchestras, and the Polish National Radio Symphony. As a player he has performed in about 30 countries to crowds as large as 80,000. He has also worked for most of the major sheet music music publishers in the world, arranging and engraving sheet music for hundreds of books and thousands of individual titles that are available online and in print worldwide.