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Worlds first reggae schlager

One of the most unique albums I have worked on is coming out new years day!

Viola Steffens, the well known actress and musician, hits the scene again with this surprising reinterpretation of Hildegard Knef’s music. A German citizen who has lived in Los Angeles for almost two decades, Steffens is uniquely able to deliver a German-Californian fusion that completely transcends the originals.

Composer, orchestrator, and producer Jeremy Borum is a California native and has toured the world extensively in both classical and rock-reggae contexts. He completely re-imagined the old classic songs and created the first ever fusion of German Schlager and California rock-reggae.

In a genre dominated by male leads, Steffens and Borum have created the first ever rock-reggae-schlager led by a woman: an island-ready, feel-good, German-Californian, neo-classic style.

Time Machine Rock Opera

The Time Machine is a new rock opera written by Los Angeles based composer Steve Altman, and I am the music copyist and keyboard player. We have been playing throughout June at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and our closing night was standing room only, sold out to 120% of capacity. It was a great run and I look forward to orchestrating the music when the show takes a bigger stage.

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Recording Vanessa Jourdan

I have had the pleasure of recording and producing Vanessa Jourdan over the last month or so, and today we finished all of the guitar and vocal tracks for her new album. She KILLED it today in my studio. I really love her voice and it is a pleasure to produce such a fantastic talent. This girl can SING! We caught the final vocal takes for two songs on video today, a sneak preview of her upcoming album.

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Recording Shantell Ogden

Shantell Ogden, a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, came out to LA in part to record some tracks with me at my studio. We are laying the foundation for a new album called Better At Goodbye, which will come out late this year. She’s a great song writer and it was a pleasure to record, produce, and play for her.

Composer’s salon performance in Venice

Today I will give world premieres of some contemporary classical pieces for piano and voice at a composer’s salon in Venice Beach. Hosted by Kubilay Üner, the event is a European style salon in which composers can present and discuss the creation of music. The songs are new works by composer Mark Abel, with whom I produced the album Dream Gallery.

Dream Gallery on Amazon’s Hot New Releases

The orchestral album I orchestrated and produced with composer Mark Abel, Dream Gallery, has been in the top 20 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list for more than a month now, and today we made it up to #2. I’m flattered, proud, and a little surprised all at the same time.